Monday, February 23, 2015

Ham Radio Provides A History Lesson

While looking for an island where I could operate on May 9 for US Island's One-Day Getaway, I was gobsmacked to discover that the island I found has some associated history.  Or more accurately, the area near the island has some associated history.

Bowers Lake (where "my" island is located), along with the nearby Storrs Lake, are both part of what the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources calls the Storrs Lake Wildlife Area.  According to the DNR web site:
In 1832, Storrs Lake was recorded as an overnight campsite for Brigadier General Henry Atkinson and 4,500 soldiers in pursuit of Chief Black Hawk and his Sac Indian community. Among Atkinson's soldiers were his chief of staff, Lt. Albert Sidney Johnston, later a famous Confederate General in the U.S. Civil War, and a 23-year old mounted scout on 30-day enlistment by the name of Abraham Lincoln.
I listen to audio books during my commute to and from work and my current "read" is Volume One of Shelby Foote's trilogy on the American Civil War.  Lincoln's service in the Blackhawk War is mentioned and considerable time is spent on Albert Sidney Johnston, who was killed at the battle of Shiloh.  What wasn't mentioned was their connection to where I plan to operate.

Ham radio has something to offer people with a wide variety of interests, but I never thought that a local history lesson would be one of them.  What a great hobby!