Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Operating Events & Rules

The recent QRP Afield operating event raised a question in my mind that I never see addressed in the rules.  Can you make contacts with stations working a different event and submit them to the event in which you are participating?  Here's an example:

I operated for several hours on Saturday afternoon and never heard another station calling CQ for QRP Afield.  I called CQ myself on both 40 and 20 meters with no replies.  After the event, I read that a number of others had the same experience.  What I and others did hear were dozens and dozens of stations working the Salmon Run or various state QSO parties.  I finally grew bored and made some New Jersey QSO Party contacts but did not submit them to QRP Afield.  Could I have done so and stayed within the rules?

I'm interested in knowing how others address this, as it's not the first event I've participated in where the pickings were mighty slim but other contest's participants were plentiful.  For larger contests, the lack of log cross checking would likely be an issue but most of the smaller events only require a summary sheet.
I'm interested in hearing what you think.  Do organizers encourage or discourage this cross-contest activity?

72, Jim - K0RGI